Learn Spanish

You're travelling - so have fun learning Spanish


The majority of our teachers went to university and also speak English or another second language. Almost all Sucre Spanish School teachers have taught for at least 3 years and each one is trained and qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language. You can choose to have a new instructor every week in order to provide a great variety of learning experiences.

The school offers more than just an ordinary linguistic program found in other institutions, of course you are going to learn Spanish  but it’s a little more flexible than you would imagine. We provide courses that are specially geared to the individual students’ needs. Students progress at their personal speed and are not slowed down by conventional methods. We offer them an opportunity to concentrate on speaking, writing or reading abilities or a combination of the three – learning the Spanish they need to use. The teachers are accustomed to teaching beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students from all over the world.

Unlike conventional programs, the classes are held in a variety of locations with the Bolivian people themselves, such as in parks, town squares, markets, cafes, colonial ruins etc. In all cases the student decides where he would like to study and what he would like to see following his private instructor’s initial orientation.

Our school has broadband Internet terminals and free wireless. Just bring along your device and connect.


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